Uploads and stuff

I added some new stuff to the downloads page.  Character sheets for Dungeons amd Beers and a new game.

Well not new really…Quique is my diceless rules in one page. It works around comparing a chosen number…modified by stats…to the game masters chosen number…the closer you are the better your chance to succeed.  I also added the advanced rules as well as a setting.  

Quique was always one of the easiest to create content for.  The one page concept can be applied to the whole setting or it could be used to do something like a kingdom in one page and have a whole fantasy world put together in one page supplements..

Some gamers like to have all the details laid out and then work within those parameters…I love detail…don’t get me wrong. I reallly love taking an open idea and expanding it, flipping it, pushing it, and seeing what I can do with it.  Its why try to get an idea across in my games but keep it minimal enough to let what happens next be up to the players.

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Known issues with Dice Chucker

It has been awhile since I have discussed Dice Chucker. So I thought I might throw out somethings.
Dice Chucker still has some bugs that need working out.  Probably the biggest problem is the inept rolling mechanic.  As is you chuck your pool, draft half the dice.. rounding down and you must draft the lowest dice in the chuck.  This may be a problem..statistical this roll is better in an average game than having an Attribute(1).  So lets walk through the problem. The average begining character has CP:5, lets say the chucker has played a session or two, gotten some experience and decided to add a new Attribute(1).  So an inept chuck of a character attempting the same thing the attribute would cover has a higher chance of success and a higher possible margin of success as our character’s Attribute(1).  The highest the Attribute(1) can score is 6, but theoretical the inept chuck for the same task could score as high as 18.  That is a big problem.  I liked the inept system as is cuz it gave characters a good chance to do better when they are lacking, but as is why would someone take a new attribute?  

I am leaning to changing it to just drafting the single lowest chucked die.  Maybe create a Power Die to alter the rules of an inept chuck.  Many already include rules for drafting the PD before its abilty kicks, this could be worked as a loop hole to help characters with bad inept chucks.  It would also encourage use of Power Dice.

Speaking of Power Dice… I will have to rework a few of these as there power to price ratios are off.  Some are really overpowered for the price to add it into the dice bag.  As I recently learned in a recent playtest.  Luck dice in particular.  

Other things that need addressing in DC is examples.  I am not opposed to examples I think people learn more from example than anything,  but they heavily add to the page count.  I have lots of play examples where DC is lacking in example attributes, perks & quirks, gear, and enemies.  Page count be damned I will be fleshing them out more.

Finally I am going to add a very short introductory scenario.  Right now I am only planning one but I might do a second. The primary will be standard fantasy dungeon complete with characters. If I do a second it willbe a different genre to show the flexability of DC.

On a final note, I am running a new online playtest using the mrpg app the game is prettystraight forward fantasy might even be the nucleus for the introductory scenario.  I will post noted and reports as I proceed.



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mrpg…a new android app for rpgs

I am making this post to give thanks and some publicity(…not really a lot since traffic on my blog is minimal…) to the android app mrpg.  

I live out way in the woods and hollows and I like it.  However it makes rl gaming hard.  So my only real option is playing online. With super ridiculous high speed internet the mainstay (not mine though…) there are plenty of virtual tabletops out there.  These however are realtime and require you to make time to sit down and play…if I could do that I would hit a shop. Plus no high speed means lag lag lag.  There is the option of play by post, or a messenger system.  I do enjoy play by post and have played several but organizing a game can be difficult. As well it has its own issues, such as being very slow especially the more complicated the system.

Messangers are good in between. Messengers usual lack any sort of randomizers associated with typical role playing games.  Meaning its hard to operate a rpg.

So for years I have lamented and dreamed of some sort of messenger with dice rolling, a means of tracking characters..like character sheets and images.  Hell while I am dreaming what about the ability to find players.

Well dreams can come true…mrpg is a relatively new app created by Adriano Cola and it fits just those needs.  It works like an sms app, you send and recieve messages, and even get notifications.  It has great dice rolling features covering a wide variety of rpgs.  A gm can create a campaign board, define a character sheet, and advertise to other users or directly invite known users to his or her campaign.

As stated the app is only been around for a short time but the creator has been actively repairing bugs and updating the app.  

Mrpg has alot of potential and with growing community support I think it will be a soid fixture of online rpgs in the future. So I would suggest checking it out. 


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Bits and Pieces I…Language and Communication in Of Mice and Monsters

Bits and Pieces is a series of posts with the idea of filling in the world for Of Mice and Monsters

In the Leagues is commonly spoken what is referred to as the freespeech and the letters used is the freescript.


 It is commonly believed that this language is the decendant of that used in Muridia.  Evidence of this is drawn from the written language found in the ruins of Muridia.  Those letters, called Eldermark, have many similarities to freescript, so the conclusion is that freespeech must have its roots in Elderspeech. None know for sure.  

Freespeech and freescript are not the only language used in the Leagues.  In Northhold they have an ancestral language called Northspeech.  It is held that those that eventually settled Northhold were not Muridian mice. Where they came from is a matter of debate and speculation.  But they had their own words and traditions.  Northholders use the freespeech but amongst their own prefer their native tongue.  As well Northholders have adopted the freescript for use with with Northspeech referring to it as Northscript.

Few mice speak it but the rats also have their language.  Chosen slaves were taught their masters tongue, which is why the language is known today.  Both tongue and letters are derogatorial known as ratscrawl.

It is understood that weasels, spiders, snakes, and owls have their own languages. Many know the freespeech.  In the case of the latter three it seems they find it amusing to use it when dealing with would be prey.  However very little is known of their languages. What little is known comes from the rangers, who are less concerned with study and more with safety.  Snakes do have a form of written language at least for temporary messages they make with their bodied is soft dirt and sand.  The rangers call it snakebelly, and while they have no idea of its meanings, they can recognize it upon sight.  It is also theorized that spiders similarly encode messages into their webs but nothing can be proven about this.

Who invented fireflash is lost to history now but some ingenius mouse many, many years ago first thought of the idea of delivering messages over long distances by using fireflies.  Fireflash at its core is a series of blinks that represent letters, by using a special lantern with a shutter and some patience a mouse can blink an encoded message over and over to the firefly until it repeats it. The firefly is then released and it uses its homing sense to return to its owner. The firefly will continue to blink the same message until it is taught a new one. Keeping the message secret requires placing a special shroud over the tail of the firefly.  Fireflies have been used successfully among the general populace of the League’s as well as varying militaries for years.  

Unfortunately messages by firefly is not the most dependable.  Distance is a factor,  something can happen to firefly in flight, and the firefly will only deliver the message to its place of origin.  

The rangers began building signal towers in each watchpost.  The towers work off the same principle as teaching a firefly.  A very large directional and shuttered lantern is built in the tower.  It can be aimed at the next watchpost and message relayed.  This allowed the rangers to quickly pass news to all watchposts.   A similar arrangement was constructed with nearby settlements so they could be warned if necessary.  Eventually the signal service was created and signal towers were constructed in many settlements and important messages could be delivered quickly.  The service was funded by charging for private messages, which runners would then deliver by hand to nearby parties.  However in recent years, like with the rangers, the signal service is suffering, recent wars and distrust, is making mice wary of sending such easily deciphered messages.

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CAUTION! Still Under Construction

I have been quiet for a bit but I am still working on stuff.  I have been doing a lot drawing and writing.  

I have organized an online DC game with not alot of interest.  Besides wanting to play a good story. I also want to playtest out some of the new stuff for Dice Chucker.  The group is great there has been some good discussion on the rules. One big change you will see in the final Dice Chucker 4th edition is alterations to PD costs and a reworked Inept rule. 

As I said I also want this to be a good story.  My aim was something that felt old school retro D&D.  I have posted about my love for old school gaming before.  I really wanted to create a setting that had that look and feel mixed with my tongue and cheekiness. I thought I would post some pics of the game. 

The premise is the characters have arrived in the village of Notte.


The Intrepid Heroes

The dragon called Atharexphlarghallapharexykhan, who claimed the nearby dungeons beneath the ruinous Castle Greymoor as its lair, has recently been slain and its hoard lies unclaimed.  Adventurers from all over have come to brave the dark depths to try their luck. 

Currently the party gathers its courage for the plunge with drinks and food at the Red Moon Inn. 

The Red Moon Inn

The world is still very much developing and I have been enjoying it greatly.  The group has helped me lots with unexpected interest and questions which drives me to expand in direction I had not considered but still adds to the world I was going for.

There is much courage gathering and merry making.

Well thats all for now.  

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Two New Uploads

Well I finally have w00t! rpg up.  Its been done for a couple of weeks. I have been heavily working on Dice Chucker, plus I need to let w00t! gel in my head awhile then look at it one more time before posting.  The goal of that is to reread the rules make sure it all makes sense and to TRY and catch typos. I may have mentioned it before my head has a built in autocorrect and I still miss alot.

As a bonus I also am posting a slightly reworked and renamed game I developed some years ago, the called BIG BEERS, small pretzels, now called Dungeons & Beers.  Simple, fast, and definately not serious.  Be warned it is not intended for those under the age of 21.  I have a character sheet for this that I will post as well, soon…maybe…Idunno..who am I kidding…

Boom… direct links:

w00t! rpg

Dungeons & Beers

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Dice Chucker 4th Edition now available

In the past I have held off on release material till I felt it was complete.  I am opting for something different this time.  Dice Chucker 4th ed. Is playable as is…as far as I know anyway.  I have not done any playtesting (still working on that….) so if something is wonky or really broken I wouldn’t know.  

So I am putting up for download as work in progress and am hoping for someone out there on the internet to take pity on me, download it,  play it ALOT, and communicate with me about it during the process.  I would love to dedicate some space on this here blog to play reports, photos, adventures, illustrations, and whatever to other people.

So here is the link. Try it out and let me know what yall think.

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